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Converted!!! By Leia Chappell on 7/01/2015 3:24:41 PM 

My son has always been a wriggly sleeper and I must admit I was a skeptic when I first tried this product. I have tried other stay put products in the past and none of them have worked until I tried stay-put bedding that is. This is the one product that has done what it has said it will do. I no longer have to worry about him kicking the covers off in his sleep. I love that it has the vents to stop him from over hearing as well.

  • Fantastic quality 
  • More styles to pick from 

No More Disturbed Nights! By Katherine on 7/01/2015 9:35:14 AM 

When i first heard about StayPut Bedding i was excited, as i have a very wriggly sleeper for a child. I was not let down by the actual product itself. It is very easy to put on the bed and the top sheet itself attaches and removes with ease. The top sheet design is excellent in that it allows airflow, essential during these summer nights. Unfortunately, before my son goes to sleep he climbs out of the zipped up sheet, however, it is very simple to go in during the night and zip it up and it stays on all night, despite his wriggling around. The bed sheet design also acts to prevent your child from rolling out of bed. My son does have a bed rail, however, it is easy to see from this set up how effective it would be to stop middle of the night disturbances both from the cold and falling out of bed. All in all this is an excellent, innovative product and definitely something i would have no hesitation in recommending to everyone with children, not just wriggly ones.

  • Easy to attach/remove, 100%      cotton, Crisp & simple design 

No more cry outs in the night By Joanne Cardamone on 5/01/2015 10:33:25 AM 

I seriously have a wriggly worm, she always has been, and covers are always found scrunched up at the end of the toddler bed. In the middle of the night I sometimes get the cryout that she can't get her covers back on. Well no more!!!! These StayPut bedding are a miracle.

Firstly they are easy to put on the cot/toddler bed. Secondly there are zips which keep her in (although if she needed to get out to go to the toilet in the middle of the night she still can but needs help getting back in). By the covers not coming off when she is also going to sleep means she falls asleep faster too because it's quite snug and remains so.

With a wriggle worm there is also a danger of her falling out of the bed and waking up from it, but no more does this happen. the zips keep her safe and secure from wriggling out the sides.

Seriously a night saver for me so I don't have to get up and put covers back on. Yippee for me

  • it was so easy to put on and keeps her snug all night 

StayPut bedding helps to keep little wriggly toes warm! By Melanie on 3/01/2015 9:15:08 PM 

Thank you StayPut bedding for producing such a fantastic product. My 2.5yr old is still using her cot and this has been the perfect product to help transition her to her big girl bed, out of her sleep sack whilst keeping her warm and snug. The clever design of the top sheet being attached to the fitted sheet means no kicking off sheets and doona, helps my daughter feel secure but isn't so tight that she can't move around. There are zips on each side but my daughter can get in and out without needing to be unzipped which is great. As I move my daughter to her big bed, I'll definitely be purchasing the single sheet, to help with a smooth transition, stop her kicking off a bigger doona and the comfort of knowing she can't roll out of the bed.

I also love the quality of this product, and as my daughter has mild eczema, 100% cotton is something I always look for.

The perfect solution for a wriggly sleeper! By Chiara on 30/12/2014 10:20:32 AM 

Thanks StayPut Bedding for allowing me to trial this fantastic, top quality and innovative bed linen solution! My 18 month old has always been a wriggler and would often wake up cold (and wake me up!) due to wriggling her way out of her covers. As explained to me in their detailed 'customer service' note, the StayPut is a top sheet which is actually attached to a fitted sheet - such a clever idea! It forms a sleeping bag effect and stops your child from rolling out of bed or kicking off her covers. There are also zips at the top end of each side, but your child can get in and out without using them. They can therefore be easily be pulled back for airing of the bed, or even removed completely, if need be. The sheets are snug enough to keep your child in, but not so tight that they can't move around! There is no risk for a child to become "stuck". Importantly for me, the sheets are 100% cotton, and are of top quality. I think the design is fantastic and can't believe this hasn't been thought of before. It just makes perfect sense - and it works. The sheets also represent great value for money, and with my little girl now staying warm and under her covers all night, I'm also getting a better night's sleep!!! Win Win!! Customer service is great and you can see that a lot of time and effort has gone into the overall design, fabric, testing of the product and packaging. I would recommend this sheet set to any parent with a child who is in a cot or transitioning to a bed, or as a gift for someone else. Ours is the "cot" set and at $59.95 is very reasonably priced, for a 100% cotton sheet set, and would be money very well spent! The StayPut website is also well worth having a look at, with sheet sets available in different sizes and as your child grows. Great product and great service - thanks again!

  • A 'must have' item for all parents of wriggly sleepers!