Safely using the StayPut sheet

When putting the StayPut sheet onto the mattress, ensure the fitted sheet is tucked securely under the mattress.  

A wriggly child may lift the sides of the fitted sheet near the zips. Before your child gets into their StayPut sheet, make sure the sheet is tucked under the mattress.

The StayPut sheet was principally designed to stop a child from rolling out of bed. This is generally when a
child moves from a cot to a bed. Sids and Kids have detailed information on safely moving a child from a cot to a bed. 

The StayPut sheet has the added benefit of keeping the covers on a child so they don’t get cold while sleeping.  The StayPut sheet could therefore be used in a cot. 

The Cot size StayPut sheet set includes a pillow case. A pillow may be used in a cot (toddler bed/ junior bed)
when the sides have been taken off. We do NOT recommend using a pillow in a cot. 

Much discussion has taken place with SIDS and kids to ensure the StayPut sheet complies with SIDS and kids guidelines