How it works

Top sheet attached to fitted sheet


 The StayPut sheet is a top sheet attached to a fitted sheet by 2 zips at the head end and poppers at the feet.

The fitted sheet has a wide piece of elastic all the way around the sheet to ensure a tight, snug fit which also makes it easy to put onto the mattress.  

Doonas, blankets, quilts may be laid over the top sheet. The overlap fabric then folds over these warmer covers to help hold them in place and protect them from soiling. 

Large gap for little feet


 The zips are strong and durable and will hold 

the weight of a rolling child.

Between the zips and poppers, the sheets are unattached to allow little feet to stick out. It also means there is no risk of getting stuck under the covers.  

Detachable top sheet


 The zips are open ended and so may be completely detached if you want to ​pull back the top sheet, for example to air the sheets.  

all the way


Top sheet


As the ends of the top sheet are attached by poppers, the top sheet may be taken off all together,

Fitted sheet


leaving just the fitted sheet.