Benefits of the StayPut and the dangers of bedrails


The StayPut sheet set stops children rolling out of bed and stops bed covers falling off. The StayPut sheet

•      is safe,
•      can be used instead of regular children’s bed sheets, so there is no additional purchasing, and
•      can be used for a long time, it is suitable for children 12 months to 18 years!
Many babies sleep in sleeping bags which keep them warm. The sleeping bag however,

•      becomes unsuitable after the age of 12 months/  2 years
We believe the StayPut sheet is the perfect bedding to help children stay warm while sleeping after they grow out of their sleeping bags.
Bed Rails and toddler beds

Before the StayPut, a bed rail was the most common option used to stop a child rolling out of bed. The bed rail however,

•      can create a safety hazard if not fitted correctly (refer below)
•      is an additional, reasonably bulky and expensive purchase, and
•      is used for only a few months

We believe the StayPut sheet is safer than a bed rail and much more practical.
The dangers of bed rails

Bed rails can be dangerous if they pull away from the mattress, leaving a gap that a child could get trapped in. Bed rails that are not fitted properly create suffocation and strangulation hazards.

Extract from an Information sheet from the SA Government

‘Bed rails are used to reduce the risk of a person falling out of bed. They may also provide a levelof security and comfort for some people. However, bed rails may also potentially create risks to the user.
There have been incidents of people being caught, trapped or entangled in beds with rails and incidents of injuries resulting from people attempting to climb over bed rails to get out of bed.
Injuries and fatalities caused by a person becoming trapped in bed rails have occurred through the boards of individual side rails, space between split side rails, between the side rail and mattress, and between the headboard or footboard, side rail and mattress. People at risk of injury from bed rails may include the very young, and older people with confusion, restlessness, lack of muscle control, reduced mobility, or a combination of these factors.’

Extract from US site, titled Product Hazards – Toddler Beds

A recall or a corrective action has been issued for toddler beds for various reasons including:

  • Entrapment in the guard rail or between the side guard rail and mattress that may create risk of asphyxiation
  • Entrapment between slats in guard rails or footboard resulting in broken bones, sprains and other injuries to young children
  • Head entrapment risk if a child becomes entrapped in the headboard or footboard or in the spacing between the mattress and the headboard or footboard


Extract from an article from titled, 9 child safety products that may cause harm

Bed rails

The risk: Bed rails prevent young children from falling out of bed, but portable bed rails have caused the deaths of 18 children since 1990, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Most were children under age 2 who got trapped in a gap between the bed rail and mattress. The CPSC recently revised the standards for the rails’ design, so that most new bed rails won’t pull away from the mattress and create a dangerous gap.