The story behind StayPut

Founder: Katrina Calder

When I was in my late 20s, I moved to London to do the 2 year ‘thing’. After one year, I met Andre, my husband and the 2 year thing became 13 years!

We had our 3 children, at home in London. As I knew I wanted to go back to Australia, we stayed in London while many of our friends moved out for more space. We visited our friends regularly.

My youngest, Pippa, then 2, would generally be put on a mattress on the floor. Without fail, she would roll off the mattress and I would find her stuck between the mattress and the wall I was trying to wedge the mattress against.

During a holiday on the Isle of Wight, Pippa was again on a mattress on the floor .... and it was then I had my light bulb moment ... if the top sheet was attached to the fitted sheet, she wouldn’t fall out! I went home and made the 1st version of the StayPut sheet.

I then went on to make many more. I tested it on kids at kinda, I tested it on kids at school. And I tested it on my 3 kids. None of my little testers have fallen out of bed while sleeping in a StayPut.

In bed, my son Hugh, then 4, is a wriggle monster and would often wake up in the middle of the night, cold, as the bed covers had fallen off him. This would mean Andre and I would be woken. While testing the sheet, I discovered another benefit of the StayPut.... the covers would stay on and Hugh would stay asleep!

Hugh has also been great at testing the strength of the StayPut. Since my 1st design, the zips, poppers and seams have all been reinforced and then reinforced some more to help make it little boy proof.... well....  as much as possible anyway.

My oldest daughter, Isabella, then 5, often has nose bleeds at night and so I added the overlap fabric to protect the bed covers from the general mess kids are so good at making.

And that has led to yet another benefit of the StayPut. As the kids sleep between the top and bottom sheet, snotty/ bloody noses/ little pee pee accidents, etc, don’t come in direct contact with the top covers and therefore I don’t have to change and wash the dovet/doona as often as I used to ... hooray!

After widely testing it on kids at school and kinda in London and in Melbourne, on my 3 children over the last 4 years, and after many, many tweaks to the original version, I am happy with the design of the StayPut

I hope you are too